About Me

About Me and My Family

Lara and I met at the University of California at Davis. Lara and I been married for just over 25 years. We moved to Washington in 1994 and to Monroe in 2000, where we have raised our two sons who are each in college today – one at the University of Washington in Seattle and the other at the University of Washington in Bothell.

I value everything Monroe offers including parks, access to work and recreation, commitment to public safety, and sense of community. Faith, family, and community are important to us – they are motivations for why and how I serve.

Community Leadership Experience

Community service is important to me and our family. For me, I’ve volunteered time serving and leading in communities since before earning the rank of Eagle Scout in 1986. Formal positions I’ve held include Mayor in Monroe (almost 4 years), Monroe City Councilmember (6+ years), Morning Star Lutheran Church Director (2 years), Youth Lacrosse Coach (4+ years), Foothills HOA President (2 years), scout leader (7+ years), volunteer at our food bank (2 years), and Planning Commissioner (2 years). I enjoy community service and leadership because I value partnering with people and community groups that genuinely get work done and make our community a better place.

Professional Experience

In my professional job, I have over 26 years of public and private sector experience with policy and budgeting in public safety, law enforcement, criminal justice, human services, land development, transportation, public works, and planning. For detailed information about my experience, please feel free to look me up on LinkedIn.

I currently work as a Senior Legislative Analyst for the Snohomish County Council. I’ve worked in this position for just over 9 years (since July 2008). I am responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and writing laws and budgets on behalf of the Snohomish County Council. I’ve served in the Operations Committee and currently in the Law & Justice/Human Services Committee. My areas of expertise include: law enforcement, corrections, human services (includes drug addiction, homelessness, veterans, seniors, mental health), superior and district court, medical examiner, information technologies, Paine Field airport, fleet, facilities, parks, recreation, tourism, public works, economic development, planning, and development.

Before my current position, I worked in the private sector (4 years) as a project manager for land development and transportation projects and in the public sector (10+ years) as a city and county planner. Before graduating from the University of California at Davis with a degree in Environmental Policy, Analysis, and Planning, I worked on campus as a firefighter (3 years), as a student advisor (3 years), and in landscaping (about 6 years) with some overlap across employment when I was in college and high school. My professional experience is diverse and involves in depth, working knowledge and an orientation toward developing a vision, building the steps to realize that vision, and then getting the work done. I bring this background to my service as your Mayor in Monroe.

Working with Partners

One of my key goals is this – to partner with people and community groups as we get things done in Monroe. Relying solely on the government to realize our vision is not sustainable from a financial or a community-based perspective. Community groups and individuals have access to funding sources, including some grants, that are just not accessible to government. They also have community leaders who have passion, drive, experience, and expertise in areas that we may not have at City Hall. And, when leadership changes in government, it is critical that there are community leaders who will educate new city leaders on what community groups do to keep Monroe a safe and great place to live and raise a family and to start and grow a business.

It is for these and other reasons that I have worked with community groups on a number of initiatives and projects including Community Keys with the Monroe Arts Council, Music in the Park with the Chamber of Commerce, Movies under the Moon, Fair Days Parade, Swift Night Out, Adopt-A- Park with the Boys & Girls Club, 5 and 10Ks with the YMCA, Veterans Memorial at Lake Tye Park, numerous downtown programs and projects, senior transportation with our senior center, renovation and technology improvements in our schools, all weather ballfields at Monroe High School, and lobbying efforts to fund and finish SR-522. Working together we accomplish so much more than working in silos.